Become an amateur boxer for trying

The deeper it is, the more love it is. That is what the teenager born in 1994, Prasetio, felt in the world of amateur boxing.

His journey in amateur boxing was quite brilliant, then approximately 20 and several trophies were displayed in his house. Since 2013 he has been involved in Amateur Boxing in South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan).

This time, Prasetio, who is familiarly called Tio, is busy with some preparations for PON Papua 2021 which is expected to be held in October.

Tio revealed, During the Covid-19 pandemic, he had to exercise at home only and at the time the PSBB took effect in Banjarmasin City. Training was hampered and stopped briefly. So it must take time to restore the physical to the maximum.

Tio, who plays in the 52 kilogram class and joins Sasana Antonius Joni on Jalan Sidomulyo 2, is very optimistic to get a medal in the upcoming PON championship. Because decreasing effort and regular practice will not deny the results.

As a matter of fact, from 2013 Tio has won various achievements, one of which is the 2nd Place for National Prapon in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) 2015, 2nd Place for Prapon in Bogor in 2019 and 3rd Place at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Headquarters National Championship in 2016.

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