Bawaslu Collaborates with Papua Police Cyber ​​Team

The Papua Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) is currently collaborating with the Papua Police Cyber ​​Team to realize the elections without hoaxes.

"It is true that we have collaborated with the Papua Regional Police so that they can handle the spread of hoax information through social media," said Papua Bawaslu Member Ronald Manoach in Jayapura.

He explained, in addition to collaborating with the Papua Police, his party always reminded candidates and supporters not to spread hoaxes and hoaxes in order to gain the sympathy of the people by bringing down other candidates.

Bawaslu through Panwas has asked candidates and their supporters to carry out sympathy campaigns until they get public support.

The same thing is also expected by the Chairperson of KPU Papua Theodorus Kossay who hopes that the implementation of the pilkada in 11 districts in Papua will run smoothly without hoax news that could interfere with the implementation of the pilkada.

Moreover, currently the pilkada stage is continuing and is scheduled for September 4-6 for the registration of prospective regent and deputy regent candidates.

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