Amungme Community Figures Support Otsus Volume II

Amungme community leader Elminus B Mom stated that if the Special Autonomy Volume II was to be continued, it would be better if the management was done through one door or managed by a third party.

Because according to Elminus, who is also the head of Commission C DPRD Mimika, so far the system for channeling the management of Special Autonomy funds through the Government, in this case, the agencies are considered not running well and not optimal.

He said the foundation would later form several fields, such as education, health, economy, agriculture, infrastructure and issues of basic community rights.

Learned from PT Freeport, which provides partnership funds to the community through foundations to be managed for the welfare of the 7 tribes community. If the Special Autonomy is put in a foundation, then it is carried out physically and non-physically, then the economy, agriculture, plantations, etc. must be built in the community.

He said that it is very unfortunate that the special autonomy budget is very large, but the community does not directly experience the benefits of the special autonomy funds which are indeed for indigenous Papuans.

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