430 Officers Prepared by Mimika BPS for the 2020 Population Census

A total of 430 officers attended the training prepared by the Mimika Regency Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) to carry out the 2020 population census interview method.

The activity which was held starting Friday (21/8/2020) was divided into two places, namely two hotels in Timika with a per wave mechanism, in one day each hotel totals 90 people and will take place in three waves for three days.

Head of Mimika Regency BPS, Ir. Trisno L. Tamanampo explained that 430 officers will work in 18 districts, 152 sub-districts or villages, and 100 Local Environment units (SLS).

The officers will be provided for one day to recognize the concepts and definitions of the population and the methodology for implementing the 2020 Population Census. The methodology used is the combination method, namely using Dukcapil data as a pre-list to the field, "said Trisno.

The census with the interview method was originally planned to use gadgets for urban areas and areas that are easy to reach and for areas that are difficult to reach using paper. While the census using the questionnaire method used B2 scanner paper and pencil.

Trisno said, the purpose of the 2020 Population Census is to produce basic statistical data in the form of population, population distribution and distribution, population characteristics according to age group, sex, ethnicity, religion, and as a frame for carrying out Social, Economic and other surveys.

"So the Population Census does not aim to produce data according to published Individual Data but the data generated in the form of aggregates in the form of numbers in tables and graphs," he said.

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