4 South Kalimantan Pedayung Exceeded the Limit

PODSI South Kalimantan is optimistic that its rowers will perform brilliantly at PON XX 2020 Papua. From the Kejurprov Senior Junior Rowing 2020 at Sungai Awang Banjarmasin which ended, the South Kalimantan pedayung projected to PON Papua made quite a good record.

PODSI South Kalimantan General Secretary, Donny Wirawan, said that some pedayung are even able to exceed the national limit.

"The national limit is between one minute and thirty seconds to less than two minutes for each heat. So, from the results of our monitoring, there were four rowers who managed to exceed the national time limit, "said Donny.

The four rowers in question are Nadia Hafiza in Kayak I for 500 meters, Nurhafizah in Kayak II Putri 500 meters, Ramadhani in Kayak I for 1000 meters, and M Faisal in Kayak II Putra for 500 meters.

Unfortunately, Donny was reluctant to mention the details of the time for the four rowers who were under the auspices of PODSI Banjarmasin.

Even though it seems secret, Donny said the performance of the South Kalimantan rowers was quite capable. "We guarantee they are ready to compete in PON Papua. Now, it only remains to strengthen their physical, technical and mental conditions so that they can be in peak condition at the PON Papua which will be held next year, "he said.

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