217 Buses Ready for Use for PON XX Papua

The central government through the Ministry of Transportation has prepared 627 buses, in order to support smooth transportation at the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) 2021.

The Head of the Papua Provincial Transportation Agency, Reky Douglas Ambrauw, confirmed that the Ministry of Transportation assistance bus will arrive at the PON organizing cluster in 2021.

Reky Ambrauw said that so far there were around 217 buses ready to run. However, it cannot be sent to Papua regarding maintenance costs or parking space.

He said, the 627 units of the bus consist of several categories of 16-seat Microbus and 24-seat Minibus. So, next year there will also be assistance from the Ministry of Transportation for schools in Papua as many as 150 buses, but before they are donated, they are used for PON.

Previously, the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendi said, the Ministry of Transportation would prepare 627 buses with 815 drivers by prioritizing using drivers from each cluster or local drivers, and involving the support of the TNI-Polri.

According to him, the schedule for the departure of athletes and officials to each cluster has been scheduled by the Papua PON Executive Board. According to him, all contingents must arrive at the location a minimum of two weeks before the match starts.

As information, PON XX Papua will take place on October 2-14, 2021, which is attended by 6,442 athletes in 37 sports, 56 sports disciplines, and 679 competition numbers.

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