Welcoming the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, PPM Papua Planting Mangroves and Cleansing Holtekamp Beach in Jayapura

In order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the Pemuda Panca Marga (PPM) of Papua province held mangrove tree planting and cleaning activities for Mendug Youtefa beach, which is located in the Holtekamp beach area, Jayapura City.

This activity was successfully carried out in collaboration between PPM Papua and Action to Love the Fatherland and Mangrove Rehabilitation.

The head of the PPM Papua province Boy Markus Sawit said we were carrying out activities with the Papuan Panca Marga youth, the Red and White Youth and also the Jayapura Mangrove House in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 August 2020.

"Our activities today include cleaning the beach and planting mangroves and then continuing with the distribution of red and white flags along the hoktekamp," he said.

Boy further revealed that on Saturday (15/8) we will also have activities from the Panca Marga Youth in collaboration with the XVII / Cenderawasih Regional Military Command and the Papua Regional Police to distribute the red and white flag to the community.

We will spread this red and white flag along the coast of Holtekamp, ??from the red bridge to the end, we will do it on Saturday tomorrow, in the framework of the anniversary of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia we can do it.

"With this activity we can ensure to all Indonesian people and also the world community that Papua today is still part of Indonesia," he said.

The Papuan DPR member explained that although today there were a few minor shaking in Papua, that is normal because we as a democracy, for example, there are voices from the people who shout that today special autonomy failed to ask for an independent referendum.

It is common in a democratic country as in Australia, Germany is common in a country which is the dynamics of a country.

"For this reason, in welcoming the independence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, let us create positive things, in order to welcome unity and unity among the nation's children. No longer do anyone want to liberate themselves just to fulfill their political desires," said Boy.

Meanwhile, the Head of Enggros Village, Orgenes Meraudje, explained that I am also proud because today there are many red and white flags flying along the coast, which is part of the easternmost region of the Republic of Indonesia.

According to the Orgenes, the national development has been felt by many Papuans, especially in the city of Jayapura and this is one that is expected by the Indonesian people throughout Papua, although there are still obstacles, we must keep going forward to strive for development in Papua.

"With regard to the large number of developments around the coast, it is hoped that the community will be more orderly in making IMB in accordance with the regulations of the government, they cannot build at will without coordinating with the government," he said.

Apart from carrying out devotional work and planting mangroves, in this activity there was a distribution of red and white flags to the surrounding community. The event also took place safely and orderly in full of happiness

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