TNI-Polri Conducts Patrols on the Application of Health Protocols in Yapen Islands

TNI-Polri personnel in Serui, Yapen Islands Regency continue to work together in an effort to minimize the development of the corona virus by conducting patrols to curb the implementation of health protocols in force in the area.

This joint patrol activity of the TNI and Polri is a routine activity that is carried out every day, with the aim that the public always obeys the health recommendations set by the government to reduce the impact of the risk of being exposed to the corona virus.

"The joint patrol activities with members of the TNI and Polri also continue to appeal to the importance of health protocols," said member of Kodim 1709 / Yawa Serda Arif Bintoro, Thursday.

It has been months since the procedures for handling the prevention of transmission of the COVID-19 outbreak were established but there are still some residents who do not use masks when doing activities outside the home.

He admitted that at this time many residents often flocked to open spaces so that the joint TNI-Polri personnel continued to carry out policing patrols so that the community could return to the prevailing procedures.

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