TNI Needs To Be Involved In Handling Terrorism in Indonesia

The government has submitted a Draft Presidential Regulation regarding the involvement of the TNI in handling acts of terrorism to the DPR. The government believes that the role of the TNI is needed to eradicate acts of terrorism.

Menkopolhukam Mahfud MD agreed that acts of terrorism are criminal acts which the handling of which is part of the Police. However, according to him, in Law Number 5 of 2018, it is stated that the TNI can be involved in dealing with terrorism.

According to Mahfud, so far the TNI has actually been involved in dealing with acts of terrorism. For example in the Tinombala Operation. Apart from that, he also said that the government had studied what forms of terror could involve the TNI.

"For example, acts of terror occur in places that are not within the jurisdiction of the Police. The police have the jurisdiction of carrying out law enforcement actions against incidents that occur within the territory of Indonesia's territorial sovereignty. If you are in the EEZ, it cannot be the police, in aircraft or ships. The sea, which has the flag of a foreign country, cannot be entered by the National Police, it is not the legal territory of the police, "Mahfud said in a virtual press conference, Saturday (8/8).

"The embassy offices are not territorial, not even the territory of the police. If certain circumstances obvit, such as terror being carried out directly against the president and vice president, that is the consideration," he added.

Mahfud ensured that there had been communication between the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and various related parties in discussing the Draft Presidential Regulation. Including parties who do not agree with the design.

"Kemenkumham has discussed hearing all the stakeholders and we will limit it so that there is no excess in the implementation and all those who raise objections generally invite us to a discussion then we show the article that involvement is ordered by law. This is the fact that there are certain things. which the police cannot do directly, "said Mahfud.

Even so, his party remains open to all parties who do not agree with the draft. The DPR will also discuss this draft.

"If you do not agree which formulation has a business. There are those who cannot just say disagree but have no reason, but there are also those who give formulations that are more middle ground. Now, we put it in that formula We all hear that there will be unanimous agreement in any law, in any regulation it will always be like that. There are those who agree that there are those that are not but must also be decided, "said Mahfud.

"As to what the need is, because law is a political product, a product of political agreement, then it depends on the configuration of the discussion. What will the compromise look like," Mahfud added.

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