TNI Helps Residents of Kibay Village, Arso District in Implementing Posyandu

The RI-PNG Task Force for the Raider Mechanic Infantry Battalion 413 Kostrad assisted the implementation of an integrated service post (Posyandu) in Kibay Village, East Arso District, Keerom Regency during early childhood health checks, Jayapura, Monday (10/8).

In ensuring the quality of health for children under five years of age (Toddlers), the Task Force post led by Letda Inf Ravio Mourbas ensures that his staff are ready to help the people of Kibay Village in an effort to avoid contracting diseases that often attack early childhood.

"We are ready to help the Puskesmas in an effort to prevent the occurrence of Polio and Stunting in early childhood, especially in Kibay Village. As in Indonesia, there are still many cases found due to parents' indifference to pay attention to the health of their children," said Ravio as Danpos.

The representative of Puskesmas Pitewi Wemby (35) also conveyed that he welcomed the presence of the Task Force in the community to help overcome difficulties, especially in the health sector.

"We are grateful for the Posyandu service assistance provided by the Task Force, we are trying to avoid Polio and Stunting, which currently attack many children in Indonesia," he said.

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