Thought to dissolve the Special Autonomy Special Committee, That's Wrong

Deputy Chairman I of DPR Papua, DR. Yunus Wonda, SH. MH assessed that it would be very wrong to have the thought of dissolving the Special Autonomy Special Committee (Pansus), because the special committee has full responsibility to work on and answer all community problems and accommodate all community aspirations, even major events that must be packaged. in the name of the Special Committee, cannot be in the Commission.

"There is even a statement that Commission I has the main tasks and functions. So I just want to underline. First, when we talk about the Commission, it is too small to manage one of the big agendas called Otsus. So that it cannot be done by the Commission, it must be done by the Special Committee and cannot, because the Pansus is important. For this reason, the DPR Papua institution formed the Special Committee because the one who does big things like that is the Special Committee, it cannot be outside the Special Committee, so it cannot give authority to the institution, "said Yunus Wonda when contacted by Reportage Papua via his cell phone, Monday (17/8) ).

Because said Yunus Wonda, the presence of members in the Special Committee sent by factions was very minimal. How many times have I attended special committee meetings, but only a few have attended.

"Then how do we want to talk about the big agenda which today is really a big problem in Papua related to special autonomy, while the presence of council members itself is very concerning. The delegates sent by the factions in this special committee, I see that this is actually very lacking, "he said.

Related to that, Yunus Wonda also asked the faction leaders, to see which members are no longer active, there must be an emphasis on them. Because this is the authority of the Special Committee cannot be outside of that. The mechanism for this Pansus is clear, that's why the Special Committee has the responsibility to make this.

"So all members of the parliament must understand this, that big problems or big problems or big events must make the special committee (Pansus) not directly involved in the DPR, and cannot be handled by the DPR institution. What can be a Special Committee that focuses on working on and resolving issues related to this special autonomy. This is because the Special Committee will work with other agencies, NGOs, work with community leaders, traditional leaders, with universities, and of course with the MRP. All this must be done by the Special Committee, it cannot be done by the Commission because the Commission is too small. Therefore, this must be understood, "said Yunus Wonda.

Secondly, continued Yunus Wonda, I really agree that this special committee must be the responsibility and the one controlling it is the leadership of the DPR and the leadership of the DPR must take over this, but there must still be a special committee.

"In the SK it is clear, there are four leaders in the Pansus. And we know that this is a big agenda, the problem is that our members of the DPR are not there. Even though this is a big agenda, but as if it was only done by one or two people on behalf of this institution, it cannot be like that. So, ladies and gentlemen, members of the council must look at this issue well. Because this problem is not a problem I am the head of the special committee, he is the head of the special committee, that's not it, "said Yunus Wonda.

According to Yunus Wonda, these Fraction delegates who were involved in the Special Committee (Pansus) related to the issue of special autonomy (Otsus), must be the Special Committee.

"When we are summoned to the center and when we have to face the DPR RI and the Minister of Home Affairs, the Special Committee is called. Because the special committee will be asked what he has done so far, what has been discussed in the special committee. The special committee involved academics, involving all components that were competent to be in the special committee. That is what we have to underline, and indeed the DPR institution cannot handle it. So the thought of dismissing the Pansus is very wrong, "said Yunus Wonda who is also the Chairman of PB PON Papua.

He explained, why did the DPR have to do an evaluation? Because all the articles of special autonomy that were valid for 20 years in Papua Province, starting from articles 1 to 79 are no longer relevant for us to continue. Because there are many articles which seem toothless. This means it can't anymore.

"So how do you want to continue while all articles are irrelevant. So I hope this must be well understood, "he hoped.

The politician from the Democratic Party also said that if you want to talk about successful and unsuccessful issues, you should make a poll of opinion so that you can see what percentage of success rates are, and what percentage of those who say fail are also what. So that we can know the number.

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