The Satukas Yahukimo Regional Police Socialization of Health Protocol and Distribution of Social Aid at the GPDI Agape Dekai

During the implementation of the Matoa-2020 Compliance Operation, the Satukas Yahukimo Regional Police Office socialized the traffic rules and health protocols at GPDI Dekai, Sunday (02/08/2020)

In the activity, Kasat Lantas IPTU Lexi M., S.H., provided information about traffic order and socialization of health protocols to GPDI congregations such as wearing masks and keeping a distance in public places.

In addition to the aforementioned activities, Sat Lantas also provided a compassion in the form of food and masks.

Kasat Then hopes that with this activity, the community can adapt to the habits in order to break the Covid-19 absorbing chain.

"We hope that our counseling and socialization can be carried out to other congregations or communities, so that together we break the chain of the spread of Covid-19." Said Kasat Lantas.

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