The Papuan People Support Otsus Volume 2

Chairman of the DPD PMT Papua Province Ali Kabiay stated that the special autonomy needs to be extended because development in all fields in the Papua region is still needed. Especially for the development of human resources, health and economy, welfare, and others. Otsus is a great program, so you shouldn't just stop it.

Infrastructure development is also being carried out in Papua, with the existence of 3 new ports in Raja Ampat, namely in North Waigeo, Kofiau, and the tourist pier of Waisai City. This port can support tourism in Raja Ampat, because it is a place for international traveling. Tourists can also get there via Sentani International Airport which is very modern.

The community also supports otsus volume 2 because there is easy access to education in Papua. Many schools were built with sufficient facilities and instructors. Students are also given scholarships, and can even study abroad. So there are no more children who drop out of school or are even illiterate because they have not received any education at all.

The community strongly supports Otsus volume 2 because in Otsus 1 there has been a lot of progress in this land of paradise. Now there are trans Papua roads, hospitals, health centers, and other infrastructure for the advancement of Papua. Otsus volume 2 will bring more progress in Papua.

With the extension of Otsus, it is hoped that it can eradicate health problems in Papua such as malaria and prevent the transmission of corona. Unfinished infrastructure development in Papua will be completed. So there are no stalled projects.

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