The Deputy Governor of Papua wants civil servants to be free from Covid-19

The Papua Provincial Government extends the New Normal Adaptation status for the handling of covid-19 in Papua. One of the policies that will be taken in Phase II of the New Normal Adaptation is to do a swab for all civil servants in Papua.

"We have passed the highest peak of the spread of covid-19 in Papua, so in the next 2 incubation periods we are still in the new normal adaptation status phase II, and we will also carry out swab for all civil servants in Papua," said the Deputy Governor of Papua Province, Klemen Tinal told the press after chairing a meeting to handle Covid-19 in Singapore, Thursday (27/08/20).

According to Klemen, civil servants are servants of the community, for this it must be ensured that people who will serve the community are free from covid-19.

"Before we serve the community, we have made sure that all of us are free from Covid-19, so that no new clusters arise because we are negligent. Therefore we recommend that starting next week we can swab everything, starting from the province first then to the regency. / cities throughout Papua, "explained Klemen.

Klemen advised all regional leaders and OPD leaders in Papua to immediately prepare themselves, including infrastructure, so that next week the plan to carry out swab for all civil servants in Papua can be carried out immediately.

"If there are districts that are not ready or do not have PCR tools, they can write to the Papua Covid-19 task force, so that the swab process can be assisted until the PCR examination," Klemen said.

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