Support Special Autonomy for Papua to be more optimal

The issue of rejection of Special Autonomy and a referendum voiced by a number of parties was also heard by Kristian Ansaka as the Head of Asei Kecil Village who said that he heard of groups that did not support the Extension of Special Autonomy Volume II for various reasons, in essence they asked for a Referendum / Free Papua.

However, he and the people in Asei Kecil Village consider Papua to be the frame of the Republic of Indonesia. This is inseparable from the role of our ancestors who sacrificed to defend the land of Papua and the Republic of Indonesia.

According to him, during the implementation of Otsus Papua, which is almost 20 years old, there are still deficiencies in the implementation of Otsus, so he hopes that before the end of Otsus Volume I, there is a need for an evaluation of Otsus Volume I to intellectual figures in the regions.

However, his party considers that the special autonomy budget has helped a lot for the village community and this has been felt by many Papuans down to the lower classes of society. Therefore, he agreed that Special Autonomy should continue in Papua Province.

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