Special Autonomy Volume 2 is not a threat, there is no reason to reject it

Head of the Central Mountains Tribe in Manokwari Diben Danggu Weya responded to various actions carried out by a number of Papuan organizations, political elites, or student groups regarding the rejection of Papua's Special Autonomy (Otsus).

"What is the reason for their refusal to speak out? Is the rejection of Otsus the overall aspiration of the Papuan people? Or is it only encouraged as a form of independent Papua action? " he said.

Diben said that the refusal of Otsus was far-fetched. Because because of this special autonomy, the Papuan people have been guaranteed their rights, through political, economic, social and cultural space. Moreover, the existence of Otsus is also not a threat.

"As a Papuan I feel sad. Seen from the petition for the refusal of Special Autonomy which only in the name of the people of Papua. Even though the fact is they don't really carry the aspirations of all the people of Papua, "he stressed.

According to him, the most possible thing at the moment is to have a discussion as a form of evaluation of the implementation that has almost reached twenty years, not outright refusing.

"Whereas with this special autonomy there is hope for Papuans to improve their standard of living. So Otsus must be continued but accompanied by improvements and evaluations, "he concluded.

That way the government can understand what are the shortcomings that must be addressed so that the implementation of the second volume of the Special Autonomy policy can proceed as it should.

At the end of his opportunity Diben asked all parties not to be affected by the invitation which would only harm the Papuans.

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