Special Autonomy Volume 2 Benefits the Papuan People

Special autonomy in Papua will be extended next year. The extension of the special autonomy was welcomed very well by the indigenous Papuan people, both those there and on other islands. They feel that otsus volume 1 brings progress for Papua. Therefore, the special autonomy must be continued, although there must be some revisions to improve this program.

Papua is an eastern region in Indonesia that is quite advanced, thanks to the existence of an international airport, modern ports, and other infrastructure. Papua's image as an area full of wilderness and no modernity immediately disappears. Because there the facilities are quite complete and not inferior to Java or Sumatra.

The progress in this land of paradise is due to a special program from the government, namely special autonomy. Otsus, which began in 2001, was a great success, and next year it will be continued again. Due to the validity period for 20 years. In implementing otsus volume 1, the government has poured billions of money to develop Papua so that its people can prosper.

The people of Papua look forward to volume 2 of Otsus because it can advance their region and continue some infrastructure development. Don't let this program just stop. If it stops, it will be a shame, because it is like a stalled project. Special autonomy must be continued, so that there is no imbalance in progress between western and eastern Indonesia.

The success of special autonomy volume 1 has been seen with the existence of the Trans Papua road which makes transportation easier for people in the land of paradise. There is also Sentani international airport, a modern port in Raja Ampat, and many other infrastructures. The education of Papuan children is also guaranteed by adequate scholarships and school facilities.

The community is waiting for special autonomy volume 2 because it can advance the Papua region. Not only in terms of infrastructure, but also human resource development. So the Papuan people can get smarter and can develop their own regions. As well as bringing Papua to modernity.

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