Special Autonomy Needs to be Followed by Evaluation and Reconstruction

Ustadz Saiful Islam Al-Payage who is also the General Chair of the Papua Province MUI, appealed to all people to maintain security and order and not to be provoked by a group of people calling for rejection of the Papua Special Autonomy.

According to him, Otsus is currently well implemented even though it is not optimal, so it is necessary to reconstruct the implementation of Special Autonomy.

"Otsus is a state policy aimed at the welfare of the people in Papua, so it needs to be supported, even though there needs to be reconstruction," he said.

This has led to an idea on his part to reconstruct Papua's Special Autonomy in order to optimize the welfare of the Papuan people.

"Evaluation needs to be done in order to determine the distribution of the flow of Special Autonomy funds, whether it has been optimized for the community or not," he added.

Several community groups and Papuan community leaders also voiced evaluation of the use of the Special Autonomy budget to determine the effectiveness of the Special Autonomy budget.

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