Special Autonomy Must be Supported, Those Who Reject Special Autonomy are the Most Eating Special Autonomy Funds


Jhon Tabo (Chairman of BMP Tolikara) stated that Special Autonomy (Otsus) must be supported because for him those who reject Otsus are people or individuals who eat a lot of Otsus funds.

"We have to support Otsus, don't be rejected. Those who reject Otsus are people who eat a lot of Special Autonomy funds, it's strange that they have eaten a lot of funds, now they refuse," said BMP Chairman Tolikara.

According to him, Otsus really helps development and also improves the economy in Papua.

"Development in Papua is due to the existence of Special Autonomy funds, so we must support it to continue development in Papua, especially with the increasing economic autonomy in Papua," he continued.

He firmly said that Otsus Volume II should be continued, so that no one would refuse, he also hoped that the Government would evaluate Otsus Volume I.

"Special Autonomy Volume II must be continued, so that no one refuses, we hope that the Government must evaluate Otsus Volume I, so that later in the distribution of Special Autonomy Funds Volume II it is really in the hands of the lower community, not only in the hands of officials," he concluded.

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