Special Autonomy for Community Welfare Solutions as a Form of State Presence

The issue of Special Autonomy received the attention of Bani Tabuni (Head of the Papua Central Highlands Tribe).

In his opinion, Otsus is one of the solutions for the welfare of the people in Papua. This is because Otsus is a form of state presence in the Papuan community.

"Otsus is a form of Central Government's concern for Papua for the welfare of the people," said Bani Tabuni.

According to him, Otsus Papua should need to be extended, but it also needs to be revised in the interests of many people because the rejection of Otsus is not the final solution to the various problems that have so far emerged among the people in Papua.

"Otsus is a solution for the development of various sectors of public welfare. If you want to expect the APBN and APBD to be insignificant, in fact many areas are left untouched, especially in mountainous areas. Therefore, Otsus is the right solution to boost Papua's progress, ”he stressed.

There are still a number of parties who say they reject the Papuan autonomy, which he considers the aspirations of a handful of parties who have been ridden by certain political interests, and do not represent all Indonesian people in Papua.

“They don't really understand that Otsus is very important. Maybe someone is suspected of using the community to reject Otsus, ”he said.

He also hopes that the government will be wiser in responding to the current dynamics related to special autonomy. Banu Tabuni even hopes that Otsus Volume II can be revised later to be more precise.

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