Since early August, school activities in Asmat Papua have been running normally

Teaching and learning activities in Asmat District, Papua, run normally face-to-face in classes for SMP and SMA levels. Because the area is included in the green zone category.

Asmat Regent, Elisa Kambu, said school activities have been taking place in class since early August. The procedure is of course by prioritizing health protocols.

"It runs normally for SMP and SMA. Meanwhile, SD students continue to learn from home," said Elisa when confirmed in Asmat Regency, Papua, Thursday (13/8/2020).

For elementary students, he said, parents who come to school to take assignments. Later these assignments are collected again and checked by their respective teachers.

However, in September it is scheduled that all school levels, from elementary to high school, will return to carrying out normal face-to-face learning in classrooms.

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