Simultaneous Red and White Fluttering at the RI-Papua New Guinea Border Ahead of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day

The Red and White Flag flew in unison in Yetti Village, a coastal area of ​​Keerom Regency which borders directly with Papua New Guinea ahead of the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day.

The RI-PNG Satgas Task Force Battalion 413 Kostrad Raider Mechanics was the one who sparked the enthusiasm of young Papuans to fly the national flag.

Together with the community leader of Yetti Village, Amus, TNI soldiers invited Yetti's youth to fly the Red and White Flag simultaneously. Merah Putih will fly in the village until August 31, 2020, according to government instructions.

"Not only asking to raise the Red and White Flag, but we are igniting the spirit of independence that has been achieved with great sacrifice by our previous fighters. As the next generation of our nation, we realize the ideals of the Hero towards an advanced and prosperous Indonesia," said the Commander of the Task Force Post RI-PNG Pamtas Yonif Mechanical Raider 413 Kostrad, First Lieutenant Inf. Dwi Dwi Hartanto, Monday (3/8/2020).

The community leader of the Yetti Village, Amus, was grateful that TNI soldiers could help mobilize youth to install the Red and White Flag ahead of Indonesia's Independence Day.

"Thank God for the presence of the Task Force Post, can help us to drive the enthusiasm of young people, especially those in the Yetti Village. Hopefully we can synergize with Pos on other positive activities, "said Mr. Amus who also serves as the Head of RW in the Kampung.

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