Revision of Special Autonomy Enters Prolegnas DPR 2019-2024

The central government has decided that the Papua Special Autonomy, especially the distribution of the special autonomy fund, will be continued through submitting a revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law which is now included in the DPR Prolegnas for the 2019-2024 period.

Through this revision, it is hoped that various problems stemming from the weakness of the special autonomy regulation and its derivative regulations can be corrected so that Otsus can provide the maximum benefit for the Papuan people and the various deviations that have occurred previously can be avoided.

So far, the Papua Special Autonomy Law has provided large regulatory powers for regions to carry out regional development through perdasi and perdasus.

This is not without problems, because this derivative regulation of the Special Autonomy Law is in a local political situation which is often unstable and often elitist.
As an asymmetric autonomy policy, the Papua Autonomy Law places the provincial government at the center of the implementation of Papuan autonomy.

This is different from the autonomy that is practiced in other regions where districts / cities are the basis for implementing autonomy so that the distance between the government process and the aspirations of the community is not too gaping. So, it is only natural that the realization of the Papua Special Autonomy has not had a maximum impact on society.

Therefore, the momentum of the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law should be a means to revitalize the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy so that it has a direct impact on the welfare of the people of Papua and West Papua.

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