Residents of Ifia-Fia Village Flood Military Social Service Activities in Bremoro

The RI-PNG Task Force for the Raider Mechanic Infantry Battalion 413 Kostrad held Social Service (Baksos) activities in the form of free health services, mass circumcision, provision of basic necessities and competition activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia in Ifia-Fia Village, Arso District , Keerom Regency, Jayapura, Saturday (08/08/2020).

Massive social assistance activities which are held centrally in Keerom Regency, aim to ensure the quality of local residents' health in good condition, as well as to get closer to the Task Force and the community, especially in Keerom Regency.

"We made it very festive in order to welcome the 75th Indonesian Independence Day, with several activities such as health services, circumcision, provision of basic necessities, and competitions for children and adults," he said.

Major Inf Anggun Wuriyanto also said that some of these activities were held in an effort to ensure the quality of public health and to foster a spirit of nationalism in welcoming the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.
He added specifically to the provision of basic foodstuffs, that there was something different from the usual, especially the packaging in the contents of these staples.

"We made a kind of noken bag bearing the logo of our Unit, with the hope that this bag can be used by school children or parents for gardening, so that the name of our unit is always in the hearts of the community," he said.

The residents of Ifia-Fia Village looked enthusiastic in coming to the Social Service activity. They get health services and also get food packages from the Task Force. In addition, children also flooded the place to take part in the competition that had been prepared by the committee. There is even a child named Azriel (12) who volunteered to be circumcised.

"We hope that this positive activity can foster a spirit of nationalism and good relations between residents and the Task Force," said the resident.

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