Regional Government of Waropen Holds Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony at the Regent's Office

In the covid-19 pandemic situation, the Commemoration Ceremony of the 75th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, 2020 in Waropen Regency, will still be carried out with reference to the circular of the Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg).

"The implementation of the 75th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony during the pandemic is still being carried out, and it is different from the previous year because it will implement strict health protocols to prevent transmission of the corona virus". explained the Chairman of the Committee for the 75th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Waropen Jaelani, AP, Msi when met after attending a rehearsal at the Waren Regent's office, Saturday (15/8/20).

In addition to implementing health protocols, continued Jaelani, said that participants who attended the ceremony were limited to only about one hundred people and would be held at the Regent's office yard.

He explained that apart from holding the Red and White Flag Raising ceremony, all of Indonesia would simultaneously participate in the ceremony from the Presidential Palace via Virtual.

It was emphasized that at the moment of the proclamation, all people were asked to pause their activities for about three minutes, this was done as a form of respect for the heroes who had died fighting for the independence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

"For the ceremony celebration in the District has been canceled, but all residents have been encouraged to keep the Red-and-White Flag in their villages and in front of their houses," he concluded.

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