Police together with the community in Doyo Baru, West Sentani District independently repair damaged and potholed roads

The police, together with the community in Doyo Baru, West Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Papua, independently repaired the damaged and potholed road on Jalan Doyo-Depapre, which further troubled motorists, especially two-wheelers. Meanwhile, the Papua Provincial Government has yet to carry out road repairs and maintenance.

Such as the condition of Jalan Doyo-Depapre and also the Kertosari-Sabron crossing which was badly damaged. On this busy road, there are many points of damage with deep enough holes, which are very dangerous for road users.

Because of this concern, the West Sentani Police, together with the community and traditional leaders, businessmen and districts, took the initiative to repair the road independently, Wednesday (12/8).

Then, continued Iptu Lalang, after there was an agreement from the community elements that we would repair this road. "We surveyed yesterday that 75 percent of this road has been badly damaged from Dosay to Depapre along 1 kilo, the road was worked on for four days," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of West Sentani District, Beatrix Yabansabra explained that the damaged road was located on the edge of the city, but there was no attention from the Papua Provincial Government for its repair.

"The problem of road damage, we have conveyed it at the regency Musrembang, but the road is handled by the province. Repair of roads through non-government organizations, companies and the police. So we hope to see us also exist because we feel like we are not being cared for, "he said.

According to him, the repair of the Doyo-Depapre road is very helpful for people passing through and who will tour the coastal areas. For this reason, the Papua provincial government should be able to pay attention to road repairs so that the economic activities of the community are not hampered.

"Indeed, this road has been paved, but it is only being stockpiled, so it quickly breaks down because the soil structure is not good. Yes, if possible, not only will the roads be repaired but also the ditches and bridges, "he said.

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