POBSI Billiards Papua Choose TC in Jogjakarta

The Provincial Board of the Indonesian Billiards Sports Association (Pengprov POBSI) Papua chose Yogyakarta as a training center (TC).

In addition to having complete and adequate facilities, Jogjakarta was chosen to undergo TC because various championships or tournaments are often held there, especially when athletes can experience skills and playing hours during a centralized TC.

"We can't go back to Papua, because the facilities are still lacking and there are many tournaments in Yogyakarta, so it is considered very suitable in honing the mentality of the athletes who will be prepared for the PON XX Papua event," said General Secretary of POBSI Papua, Agus Fakaubun, Monday (10 / 8).

Agus hopes that KONI Papua can consider a training center for sports (sports) that do not have adequate facilities in Jayapura.

"We hope that the billiard centered TC will remain in Yogyakarta. And we also hope that our proposal is accepted, because the facilities are complete, there are many opponents, and facilities in Jogja are complete than those in Jayapura, "he hoped.

Regarding the medal target, he emphasized that POBSI Papua is always optimistic that it can pass the medal achievement at the 2016 West Java PON.

Moreover, the athletes have carried out a series of trials, participating in the tournament has shown satisfactory results.

"We have participated in several championships and tournaments, the results are quite good. We have been living TC for a long time, now we should have entered the periodization, we just have to compete in PON, but it must be postponed, we are forced to reconstruct again, "he said.

"But what is clear is that our target at PON is in accordance with what the General Chairman Pak Natalis Tabuni said that Biliar will strive to win four gold medals, if it does not meet the target, which is certainly not below the achievement of PON West Java with two gold," he added. close.

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