Perbakin South Kalimantan will send 20 athletes for the 2021 PON Papua Championship

Perbakin South Kalimantan will send the full strength of Shooter Athletes to the XX Papua PON 2021 event

Secretary of the Central Kalimantan Perbakin Sri Hidayati Zaki said that since the implementation of the Pon was only a year away, his party also sent several athletes who were members of Faces to Kaputing (Wasaka) South Kalimantan.

"Not before the phone. So we also sent athletes who passed Pon as a try out material," said Mrs. Aty.

Regarding Target, Aty admitted that of course he wanted to gain a lot of medals in this championship because some of the shooting that took part were also the best in the country.

Meanwhile, the shooting coach of South Kalimantan, F Darmawan Budiman, added that the athletes who were prepared in Pon at this event participated in the senior class.

"So the senior class numbers that take part mean it is an athlete," he said.

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