Papuan Provincial ASN Must Show Its Performance

Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal, emphasized that Civil Servant (ASN) officials in the Papua Provincial Government can show solidarity in performance in developing the region.

According to him, if there are differences, there is no need to exaggerate but equalize perceptions according to the mechanism that has been regulated.

This was conveyed by the Deputy Governor at the inauguration of administrator officials, supervisory officials and functional officials in the Papua Province environment at the State Building, Dok V above, Jayapura City, Friday (28/8/2020).

"So, we have to show solidarity, if there are small things that are not the same perception, there is no need to scream outside but there is a mechanism that has been arranged so that people see the provincial government as being united," said Klemen Tinal.

The Deputy Governor also reminded echelon III and IV officials who had just been appointed not to make Papua Province a big regency.

"Don't make the Province a big regency, I will tell you carefully, brothers and sisters are Provincial officials," he said.

It is said, the main duties and functions of officials in the Papua Provincial Government are as representatives of the central government. Where, Papua Province carries out the mandate of the Special Autonomy Law purely and consistently and consistently.

"As representatives of the central government, we coordinate with districts / cities, we bridge. This is what we hope to do, ”he said.

The Deputy Governor asked the newly appointed officials, so that starting next Monday, they can immediately work together to build according to the vision and mission of Papua to rise, be independent and have justice.

"Starting Monday, all OPDs within the provincial government can move together to work to build Papua in accordance with the governor's vision and mission, together we can make Papua an independent and just," he hoped.

He said, if there are brilliant and creative ideas, they can be channeled according to their place.

"Please distribute it to a place that has been determined, how can we accelerate the progress of indigenous Papuans in a way that may be outside the existing norms but in accordance with existing characteristics and culture. But if you want to make it a metropolitan, oh sorry it's somewhere else, not here, "said the Deputy Governor.

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