Papuan Leaders: Those who reject Special Autonomy must think again

Tolikara Legislative Council member Riki Yikwa said that he, as the youth leader of the District. Tolikara responds to those who reject the special autonomy, it is wrong / wrong.

Because Otsus is very helpful for economically weak people, because development enters villages because of the special autonomy funds. The existence of considerable benefits from the Special Autonomy Fund, He reminded that those who rejected the Special Autonomy rethink about his refusal.

"Because it is seen from the existence of Special Autonomy, it helps people who are economically weak, because in the past we never felt that development entered the village, village assistance funds, social assistance funds, it happened because of special autonomy," he said.

The existence of considerable benefits from the special autonomy fund, he warned that those who refused the extension of Special Autonomy volume 2 to rethink about the rejection.

"So I think, for Special Autonomy if there is a refusal, then we must think first, because our parents who live in remote areas are very helped by the Special Autonomy, so I as one of the figures also supports that Otsus be extended" he concluded.

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