Papua Infrastructure Development Facts, from 10 New Airports

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) appointed Wempi Wetipo as Deputy Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). He got the task to oversee all infrastructure development, especially in eastern Indonesia.

Like in Papua, the government is currently aggressively building various infrastructures on the most end of Indonesia's island. Among them, Trans Papua Road, bridges, airports and others.

The PUPR Minister said, with the presence of a deputy minister, it is hoped that infrastructure development can be even better. Because they usually work alone, in the next five years they will receive assistance.

The government is accelerating various infrastructure developments, including transportation infrastructure to improve connectivity in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

Various infrastructure and transportation facilities in the land, sea and air transportation sector will be built in the two provinces. The Ministry of Transportation will work on a lot of transportation infrastructure, especially in the air transportation sector by building and developing 10 airports, namely 6 airports in Papua Province, namely Ewer Airport, Kepi Airport, Ilaga Airport, Oksibil Airport, New Nabire Airport and Mopah Airport.
Meanwhile, 4 airports in West Papua Province are Rendani Manokwari Airport, Waisai Raja Ampat Airport, Wasior Baru Airport, and Siboru Fak-fak New Airport.

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