Otsus Supports Human Resources Development

Puncak Ilaga Youth Leader, Mison Tabuni fully supports the sustainability of the Special Autonomy (Otsus) Volume II policy in Papua and West Papua Provinces.

"With the dynamics leading up to the end of Special Autonomy, I support the extension of this policy on this land, in order to increase the human resources of indigenous Papuans in the two provinces," he said in Jayapura, Sunday (16/8/2020).

So that, later OAP children will become the golden generation in the future.

"So, we support the extension and implementation of Special Autonomy Volume II in Papua, but with a clear and transparent implementation of activities accompanied by strict supervision," he continued.

Tabuni appealed to all Papuan people not to be influenced by issues that reject the Government's program of Special Autonomy Volume II.

"Let us together support government programs in continuing Special Autonomy Volume II," he appealed.

Especially at this time, Otsus in Papua and West Papua Provinces is still very much needed for development in various fields, including education, health, infrastructure, to the people's economy for the welfare of OAP.

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