Otsus Successfully Builds Cendrawasih Earth

West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan said the special autonomy policies and programs launched by the central government for the Land of Papua were quite successful.

Special autonomy has been quite successful in developing Papua, both in the education, health and infrastructure development sectors.

The weakness of the government, especially the regions, is that maybe we don't have enough exposure to various media about development programs or activities carried out through the special autonomy fund, so that not many people know about the utilization of this special autonomy fund.

He also invited the community to support the second volume of the special autonomy program which will be continued in 2022. West Papua still needs special autonomy policies to accelerate development in various sectors.

The special autonomy program for Papua will end in 2021. The regional government is currently pushing regulations on the sustainability of the special autonomy program in 2022 and beyond.

Dominggus hopes that the central government will give greater authority to the regions in managing human resources (HR) and natural resources.

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