Otsus Papua Volume II Must Continue

The central government has indicated that it will extend Volume II of Special Autonomy for Papua. The community also supports the sustainability of Papua's Special Autonomy because it is considered to have made the people of Papua prosperous.

With the existence of the Papua Special Autonomy, development in Papua is so rapid, the existence of regional expansion has shortened the span of government control and enabled Papuans living in villages to receive education from basic to tertiary education.
This includes the realm of health services, with the presence of a number of health workers in the villages and many Papuan children who are now medical personnel such as nurses to doctors.

Given that so far, the special autonomy has brought many changes for Papua. If there is no special autonomy and only hope for the APBD and APBN, then Papua will be left behind many other regions in Indonesia.

The amount of special autonomy funds disbursed by the government for Papua and West Papua reached Rp. 94.24 trillion from 2002 to 2020. These funds come from the APBN each year.

The government has also set the special autonomy fund for Papua in the 2021 Draft State Budget of IDR 7.8 trillion. This figure is up from the 2020 Revised State Budget, which is Rp. 7.6 trillion.

These funds are directed to finance infrastructure and infrastructure maintenance, empowerment of the people's economy, alleviate poverty, and finance education, social and health.

Special autonomy for Papua should be given to Papua, this is solely for the sake of accelerating development so that Papua does not become a marginalized area.

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