Otsus must be continued because it has a positive impact on residents in Jayapura City

The Mayor of Jayapura, Benhur Tomi Mano, said his support for Papua's Special Autonomy (Otsus) would continue because it had a positive impact on residents in Jayapura City.

"(To) the otsus evaluation team, I say that the otsus has been successful in showing success every year, so this special autonomy is important for the people," said Tomi Mano at the Jayapura Mayor's Office, Monday (10/8/2020).

According to Tomi Mano, this is to address the pros and cons of the plan to continue the Special Autonomy in Papua, which has been given since 2001.

Tomi Mano said that every year the Jayapura City Government received an allocation of Special Autonomy funds amounting to Rp95 billion. These funds are used for the welfare of the people, such as in the fields of education, health, infrastructure, social and social economy.

“In the education sector, for example, Port Numbay and non-Port Numbay native children, I sent them to the Satya Wacana University in Salatiga, they are also in America, and everything is successful. So, the special autonomy must continue, especially in Jayapura City, "said Tomi Mano.

At the same place, the Jayapura Police Chief, AKBP Gustav R. Urbinas, said that his response to the Special Autonomy of Papua was so that people would not be provoked by emotions causing unrest in the community.

"Let's keep on guarding kamtibmas in Papua, especially in Jayapura City in responding to this special autonomy," said Urbinas.

According to Urbinas, rejection of the extension of Special Autonomy continues to flow from the people in Papua so that things that are not desirable can happen.

"We must be more mature in responding to this special autonomy issue, for the sake of the Land of Papua which we love," said Urbinas.

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