Otsus is an absolute right of OAP and must be continued

Yhos Manuri, who is the Ondoafi of Doyo Baru Village, Jayapura Regency, said that Otsus is an absolute right for Papuans and needs to be continued.

"The struggle of the people of Papua to obtain special autonomy is not easy, so we as Community Leaders strongly support the Evaluation of Special Autonomy Volume I to evaluate whether the special autonomy has remained on target or not," he said.

The Central Government has issued budget funds for Otsus that have reached hundreds of trillions within 20 years.

Meanwhile, Suleman Manuri (Manuri tribal chief) said that Papuans still need special autonomy even though there are many pros and cons regarding this special autonomy.

"The pros and cons of the special autonomy occurred because of the dishonesty of the current administration in the use of the special autonomy funds," he said.

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