Muare Village Community Supports Extension of Special Autonomy Volume II

Special Autonomy is very important and has a direct impact on society to improve welfare in Papua and West Papua. This is the point of view of Octavianus Puhiri (Head of Nolokla / Harapan Village in Iwaka District, East Sentani Regency, Jayapura Regency).

According to him, there needs to be an evaluation related to the use of the Phase I Special Autonomy Fund while simultaneously wanting to optimize the empowerment of village funds, in an open and transparent manner.

Otsus which has been running for about 20 years in Papua and West Papua has spent trillions of rupiah in funds, needs to be evaluated to determine the flow of special autonomy funds.

He strongly supports the extension of Special Autonomy Volume II because the special autonomy fund budget that we have received so far can be used for the welfare of the village in terms of development and assistance to the residents of the village. Even from the budget, it really helped the villagers.

"Kampung Nolokla supports the extension of Special Autonomy Volume II, with the hope that there will also be a budget evaluation of Special Autonomy Volume I," he said.

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