Mandobo Tribal Leaders Support Otsus with Evaluation

The continuation of Papua's Special Autonomy (Otsus) is currently being discussed by the people of Papua. This is also a concern of Nikolaos Ndepi who is a figure of the Asmat Deliberation Council.

In this case, his party wants the continuation of Papua's Special Autonomy, but it also needs an evaluation related to the budgetary allocation of Papua Special Autonomy.

"Special Autonomy Funds that are already running must be evaluated because it seems that many are not in accordance with adat rules," he said.

Evaluation becomes something that must be done to find out the pluses and minuses associated with the special autonomy budget.

The existence of Indigenous Peoples Institutions (LMA) which is often bothered by the problems of the Orang Asli Papua (OAP) makes it necessary to involve the LMA in overseeing the Papua Special Autonomy budget.

"In the future, the Customary Institutions must also be considered to be involved in the flow of Special Autonomy Volume II so that the Special Autonomy function also receives attention and is well targeted in its management," he said.

According to him, OAP issues that are often related to customary rules, it is necessary to involve LMA in the supervision / management of Papua's Special Autonomy funds.

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