Kapolda Papua: It would be a shame if the Papua Special Autonomy was not continued

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Paulus Waterpauw assessed that Special Autonomy (Otsus) needs to be continued because it has made a lot of progress. He is ready to communicate with those who feel disappointed with the implementation of Otsus so far.

It is known, Papua and West Papua Special Autonomy will end in 2021. The Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian has said that the Otsus will be extended.

"I have toured all over Indonesia, there are no other areas that get specialties like us in Papua. It's a shame if this good policy is rejected," Paulus said, Wednesday (5/8).

Paulus explained that in the past Papua only had 12 districts when he returned to the homeland of the Republic of Indonesia in the mid-1960s. Since special autonomy came into effect, there are now 40 districts / cities in Papua and 12 districts / cities in West Papua.

"From that point of view, there have been extraordinary leaps," said Paulus.

Papuan people are also increasingly educated. Not a few Papuan youth are studying in several countries in the world thanks to scholarships from the central government.

Regarding regional development, special autonomy is also very helpful for the local government. However, he agrees if something is not optimal.

"For me, maybe the management of the special autonomy fund is still inaccurate. Of course there must be a joint correction and evaluation of all state administrators, in this case the government, both at the provincial and district / city levels," said Paulus.

"If there is still disappointment from the figures, I invite us to communicate it well," he added.

Separately, the Catholic religious leader who is also the administrator of the Diocese of Timika, Papua, Pastor Marthin Kuayo asked the central government to sit down together before deciding to extend special autonomy. According to him, there should be no impression that the central government is imposing its will.

"The Catholic Church asks that the central government in Jakarta and the Papuan people need to sit together to discuss this matter. Don't let either party impose their will," said Father Marthin.

He is sure that talks with the Papuan people need to be held regarding the extension of special autonomy. However, it is the Papuan people who will be directly affected by the special autonomy, so there must be talks.

Do not let the Papuan people feel disadvantaged just because the central government does not sit together before deciding to extend special autonomy.

"We feel that a dignified dialogue between the central government in Jakarta and the people of Papua is the best solution to discuss various problems that have occurred in Papua so far," he said.

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