Kadistrik in Puncak Jaya Support Otsus because Papua is the Republic of Indonesia

Various supports for the sustainability of the Special Autonomy (Otsus) policy in Papua Province continue to flow.
This time, it is Merigen Telenggen's turn, who is also the Head of Yambi District in Puncak Jaya Regency, to fully support the implementation of Special Autonomy Volume II as a form of Government success in paying attention to Papua, which is part of the Republic of Indonesia.

When asked for information on Wednesday (19/8/2020) he thought that Otsus had succeeded in having a positive impact on various regions in Papua, especially in his own region.
He considers that the movement that rejects the existence of Otsus is only motivated by hatred and a lack of gratitude for all the progress that has been achieved by Papua.
"Why don't we take full advantage of the positive side that has been given through Otsus, and it is as if we close our eyes to the fact that Papua has reached a point of progress thanks to the contribution of Otsus which prioritizes people on this land," said Telenggen.

He also advised the whole generation of Papua to remain optimistic about Otsus because many of the great youths of OAP have succeeded in developing this land against the background of receiving assistance from this special policy.

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