he Bright Papua Program Still Running

General Manager of PT PLN (Persero) Main Unit for Papua and West Papua Region (UIWP2B), Abdul Farid, said that his party did not stop the program to electrify villages in Tanah Papua.

According to him, the program to electrify villages in Papua and West Papua is still continuing. It remains with several schemes that have been planned, both with talis, PLTS development, and network expansion.

Farid added that PLN does not only focus on providing electricity to the village, because there are still 7 district capitals that do not have PLN electricity, namely the capital of Lanny Jaya Regency, Puncak, Puncak Jaya, Tolikara, Mambramo Raya, Mambramo Tengah and Intan Jaya.

Electrifying villages in Tanah Papua is one of the tasks that must be completed by PLN UIWP2B.
According to data from the Permendagri, there are still 427 villages in Papua and West Papua that do not yet enjoy electricity.

325 villages are in Papua Province, another 102 villages are in West Papua Province. With the current pandemic state, PLN is still trying to be able to provide electricity to these villages even though they have limited social activities.

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