Figures and Communities in the Land of Papua Support the Revision of Special Autonomy

In 2021, special autonomy volume 2 will be held in Papua. The regulations on this Otsus will be revised to suit conditions on the ground. People in Papua hope that the extension of special autonomy can make a lot of progress there. People need infrastructure and facilities so that their lives are comfortable, sufficient and peaceful.

Special autonomy is a privilege given to Papua since 2001. The validity period is 20 years and during that time various things have been done to advance the land of Cendrawasih. Such as developing remote areas and increasing the number of provinces and districts. So that in Papua it becomes more modern and the territorial arrangement is also organized.

Next year is the time to renew special autonomy. According to the Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian, Otsus will be extended. Both in Papua and West Papua provinces. The government has been working on the concept since early 2020 and it is hoped that this revision can further advance the Papua region. The goal is that there are no economic and social disparities there.

However, unfortunately there are parties who do not agree with the extension of special autonomy. They think that Otsus funds are still lacking and that there is no assistance from the central government. The president is ready to listen to their aspirations, both through members of the DPR and DPD who are native Papuans and the community directly, via social media. This input is important for the revision of Otsus.

Even though so far there have been many benefits of Otsus. Kapolda Papua, Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw revealed that Otsus needs to be continued, because it has made a lot of progress. Many Papuan men have successfully become graduates, even studying abroad on scholarships. For example Sherina Fernanda Msen, a graduate of Corban University, Oregon, USA.

Another progress that special autonomy has made is the construction of bridges and other infrastructure in Papua. This project is in accordance with standards and is guaranteed not to damage the environment. So, nature lovers activists do not have to worry that all virgin forests in Papua will be cleared for the sake of progress, because the government has considered it well.

If there is infrastructure development, what we think about is the needs of the Papuan people. They need bridges for smooth transportation, and smooth roads so that there are no casualties when crossing steep nature. The community also needs proper facilities so that life can get better.

Paulus added that there is no other region that has a specialization like in Papua, so it would be a shame if it was rejected. In fact, he is also ready to communicate with those who feel disappointed with the special autonomy. This communication is very important to avoid misunderstandings. Because special autonomy is a privilege and a form of government concern.

Education on the extension of special autonomy is needed so that there is no rioting against it. Because Otsus is a program to advance Papua, so that people's lives will be better. Otsus accommodates the needs of the Papuan people, such as the desire to have a good paved road. Because all this time there is still a steep road and makes it difficult for the people.

In addition, the Papuan people also benefited from the program during Otsus. This is evidenced by the kindness of the government which gave up to 100 billion in the 2001 special autonomy. Meanwhile, for Otsus next year, it is certain that the funds will increase. Because it adjusts to the value of money and the need for more and more infrastructure development.

So it is hoped that indigenous Papuans feel optimistic about Otsus volume 2, because it aims to accommodate the needs of the people there. The President has promised to promote Papua since 2014. The goal is that there will be more progress there and there will be no difference in progress between eastern and western Indonesia. Because it is in accordance with the principles of social justice for all Indonesian people.

It is hoped that special autonomy volume 2 can further advance Papua and accommodate the needs of the Papuan people. For example, with a more organized urban area, the number of scholarships to study abroad, and infrastructure development. All these projects are carried out for the advancement of the Papuan people.

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