DTI allocation for Papua Rp 4.4 trillion in the 2021 Draft State Budget

The government allocates an Additional Infrastructure Fund (DTI) of IDR 4.4 trillion in the 2021 State Revenue and Expenditure Budget Draft (RAPBN). DTI is allocated in the framework of implementing special autonomy to accelerate infrastructure provision in Papua and West Papua.

It is hoped that in a period of at least 25 years since 2008, all districts / cities in the two provinces can be connected by quality land, sea and air transportation.

For information, both the special autonomy fund and the 2021 DTI are directed to support recovery after the Covid019 pandemic. In addition, for the construction of infrastructure for information and communication technology.

Furthermore, these funds are also for expanding access and increasing the effectiveness of education and health services, as well as the development of electricity infrastructure in rural areas. Finally, the special autonomy funds and DTI aim to improve governance through strengthening planning and budgeting, encouraging the quality of budget absorption, and reporting accountability.

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