DPRD Kab. Waropen Receives the Aspirations of the Waropen Indigenous Peoples Who Request that Otsus be Continued

District DPRD. Waropen held a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the Waropen Indigenous People in the DPRD District Meeting Room. Waropen led by Anthonius Rumboisano, Member of the DPRD Kab. Waropen.

In the activity which was attended by representatives of the Waropen Indigenous community, the DPRD received the aspiration that the Waropen Indigenous people asked that Otsus Papua be continued.

"We ask that the Special Autonomy Program Volume I be evaluated and accept the Special Autonomy Program Volume II," said Simon Waromi, who is none other than the Representative of the Waropen Indigenous People.

The same thing was conveyed by Frans Bisi Wonatorei, Chairman of the Customary Council, who said that the statement of the attitude of the Waropen Indigenous Peoples, namely asking that Otsus Volume I be evaluated and also received the Special Autonomy program Volume II.

"We ask that our statement of stance be forwarded gradually to the Regional Government, Provincial Government and Central Government," he said.

Meanwhile, Antonius Romboisano who is also a member of the Regency DPRD. Waropen stated that his party would accommodate the aspirations of the Waropen Indigenous People regarding Papua's Special Autonomy.

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