DAP Urges West Papua Prosecutors to Audit the Run of Special Autonomy Funds

The Papuan Customary Council (DAP), as a large house of the indigenous Papuan people in 2005, asked that no one be able to act on behalf of the indigenous Papuans individually or individually, especially talking about Papua's Special Autonomy.

Mananwir Paul Finsen Mayor said, in the DAP itself there are structured, massive and systematic decision-making forums.

"So that one cannot claim to act on behalf of the indigenous Papuan community without a decision-making forum such as a large Papuan indigenous community conference," he said, Sunday (2/8/20).

Major said, DAP in principle is holding the government accountable for the results of the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy Law. Even DAP region III also urged the security forces to audit and examine the budget of the Special Autonomy fund flowing to institutions formed by the Papua Special Autonomy Law.

"So that it is clear to the indigenous Papuan people where the flow of special autonomy funds has been earmarked for the development of indigenous Papuan communities. The indigenous Papuan people have only heard the name of the Special Autonomy Law in Papua, but where is the funding from? Indigenous people have no idea," he said.

On behalf of the indigenous Papuan people, the Major urged the West Papua Prosecutor's Office (Kejati) and the West Papua Regional Police to immediately audit and investigate the institutions formed because of the Special Autonomy Law, one of which is the West Papua People's Assembly (MRPB).

"The budget must be investigated so far where and what has been done by the MRPB," he said.

He said, in truth the MRPB was funded to fight for the basic rights of indigenous Papuans, but had it touched the grass roots.

Therefore, once again the Major urged law enforcement officials to immediately check the flow of special autonomy funds to institutions born from the Papua Special Autonomy Law.

"So that everything is clear, who has been using the Papua Special Autonomy budget and what results," he said.

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