BKKBN Papua Encourages Finalists for Genre Ambassadors to Help Youth Avoid Early Marriage

The Papua Province National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) provided debriefing to 10 pairs of 2020 Planning Generation Ambassador Ambassadors (Genre) finalists. The finalists are expected to help the Papua BKKBN teach adolescents on the land of Cenderawasih to stay away from early marriage, premarital sex and drugs. So that in the future it is hoped that strong Papuan youth will be formed and contribute to development.

"In essence, we hope that the Genre Ambassador finalists can help socialize the BKKBN program through their peers," said the Head of the Papua Provincial BKKBN Representative Charles Brabar in Jayapura, Wednesday.

He said that the annual agenda for the Planning Generation Ambassador program was a national agenda, which this time was attended by 127 participants. Of the 127 participants, 20 people or 10 pairs of young men and women will be selected for three days and then one pair will be chosen to represent Papua at the national level. While the selection stage for Genre Ambassadors has been held for one month starting from the beginning of August 2020, starting from the registration period, interviews to written tests.

Amos F. Worisio, Chairperson of the 2020 Genre Ambassador Selection Committee hopes that the finalists will later be able to develop their abilities to attract other young people to socialize and provide counseling related to the impact of early marriage, the dangers of free sex, drugs and so on.

"Because for us it is very important to have Duta Genre. Its role is important because it can socialize the BKKBN program to its peers. This is what we encourage so that they can help create a strong young generation in the future, "he concluded.

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