4000 livable houses will be built by the government in West Papua

Head of the West Papua Region II Housing Center, Yance Pabisa, said that his party targets that in 2020 there will be projects for the construction of self-supporting flats in districts / cities in West Papua.

"This year, three towers will be built. In addition, flats in the Navy of Sorong, Tambrauw and Sorong Regency. Then, there are 4 thousand independent houses spread across districts / cities in West Papua," said Yance, Wednesday (5/8 / 2020).

He explained, the progress of several flats is still in the re-auction process. What has been determined the winner is still being verified again.

"Regarding what is offered to us, of course the verification for independent homes is around 40 percent," he said.

While the one million housing program launched by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, one of which was implemented by the Housing Provision Implementation Agency.

"The one million houses program includes commercial houses. If the land is in accordance with the requirements, it will be proposed by the local government," he said.

He added that a special house for 25 units for the Indonesian Army in the Warmare Manokwari Battalion would also be built. "For self-help homes, 590 units are spread across Manokwari and South Manokwari and 5 districts," he said.

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