Yapen Islands Regent Inaugurates Bridge in Woda Village

Yapen Islands Regent Inaugurates Bridge in Woda Village

The Regent of the Yapen Islands, Tonny Tesar paid a working visit to the Raimbawi district with the aim of formalizing the connecting bridge at Warebai River in Woda village.

Tonny Tesar said that the local government will continue to pay attention to all the people in the Yapen Islands district, in carrying out development and improving the welfare of their people.

One of the efforts made is to open access roads and bridges that can help the community in improving services, governance, health and education, and can improve the economic sector of society by providing cheaper and safer accessibility, in all regions of the Yapen Islands district.

He explained that in his leadership in this second period, he had opened and worked on the construction of roads and bridges which he said were vital, because this bridge had been built twice by residents, but was damaged by flooding.

This semi-permanent bridge uses an iron frame, so it is considered more comfortable and safe in providing services to the community. On behalf of the local government, he thanked all the people in Raimbawi who had jointly kept the situation conducive, so that development could be carried out properly.

"We will continue to improve this road, although there are currently several bridges broken, the road is also damaged, this development cannot be built by the government at once, but is gradually making improvements." he said.

Meanwhile representing the communities in 7 villages in the Raimbawi district, the district head, Hendrikus Waturi said that on behalf of the community, he was grateful for the bridge in Woda, before accessing the district had to take the sea route, so that now the community had no difficulty getting in. to the city of Serui.

According to him, the road from Andei to Woda is good, he is also grateful for the efforts and performance of the Regent, Tonny Tesar in his leadership which has been clearly felt by the community.

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