West Papua Provincial Government Targets Tourism Potential in Auri Islands with the Ecotourism Concept

The Government of West Papua Province is targeting the development of the tourism potential of the Auri islands group in the Wondama Bay regency starting in 2021.

The head of the West Papua provincial tourism service, Yusak Wabia said, with various limitations during the Covid-19 pandemic, it did not reduce the action plans for the utilization and management of the potential of West Papua in the tourism sector in a sustainable manner with the concept of nature conservation (ecotourism).

"The initial stage we start from socialization to the community and planning by involving the Regional Government of Teluk Wondama (department of culture and tourism), the Great Hall of the Cenderawasih Bay National Park (BBTNTC), including the Indonesian Tourism Association (HPI)," Wabia said, in Manokwari Tuesday (28) / 7/2020).

The development of the tourism potential of the Auri islands in the Wondama Bay district is part of the concentration of the Provincial Office, after glancing at the Roon Island festival which is stretching and attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

All existing potential, will be developed gradually, giving impact (income) for the region as well as in improving the local economy

"In addition to Raja Ampat, West Papua also has a complete Wondama Bay from mountain tourism, coastal islands to underwater panoramas which so far have not been properly packaged. Therefore, we are taking the initial steps to make sure that in 2021 it starts, "said Wabia.

Christian Mambor, Head of the Culture and Tourism Office of the Teluk Wondama Regency, welcomed the intervention of the Provincial Office in developing the tourism potential specifically in the Auri islands cluster in the Wondama Bay district.

For Mambor, his office does not yet have priority programs in the long-term development of the tourism sector, so that through collaborative programs and budgets between the Provincial Office and the regency with other stagholders, it will be a step forward that will soon be responded to.

"We in the Wondama Bay area welcomed positively this collaboration program. In the planning stage, I hope there is a certainty survey accompanied by mapping up date as material for the preparation of the initial draft, "said Mambor.

He acknowledged, the Auri group of islands in the Roon District of Teluk Wondama district, there were 12 islands with their respective uniqueness, one of which was Matas Island, with a unique white sand that connects the two islands in the middle of the sea.

Not only that, Mambor also recognizes Matas Island as well as one of the locations for turtle nesting, a migratory bird's perch, and a promising diversity of fish and coral species.

"The tourism potential of the Auri islands is very complete, because once a trip tourists can enjoy the beauty of the white sand beach turtle nesting sites, exotic seabed to bird watching tours," said Mambor.

In the initial plan, said Mambor, the Regional Government of Wondama was ready to take an approach accompanied by socialization to the local community as the recipient of the impact of developing the tourism potential.

Local residents around the Auri islands, with their livelihoods as fishermen, will be actively involved from planning to management. Because tourism is closely related to the protection, utilization and economic impact.

"We will ensure the readiness of the local community, because they will be more actively involved in the development of ecotourism, ranging from tour guides, to local culinary providers," Mambor said.

The action plan was marked by the granting of a chainsaw machine from the Head of the West Papua Province Tourism Office to the Wondama Bay cultural and tourism service. The Chainsaw will be used to clean up chunks of wood on the coast of the Auri islands.

Meanwhile, Mathias Rumbruren, chairman of the Regional Board of the Indonesian Tourists Association (DPD HPI) of West Papua Province, said, through the involvement of HPI in a collaborative tourism development program in the Auri islands, Wondama Bay district, became the most important part of HPI's contribution to contribute to the tourism potential in Papua West.

"We from HPI are ready to support the preparation of local tour guide resources, as well as in building networks in bringing tourism," Rumbruren said

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