Waropen Regional Police Submits 4 Cow Tails to 4 Mosques in Waropen Regency

In the framework of Eid al-Adha 1441 H, Waropen Regional Police and Bhayangkari Waropen Branch, surrendered 4 Sacrifice Cows to 4 Mosques in Kab. Waropen, Wednesday (07/29/2020).

The surrender of sacrificial animals, led directly by the Chief of Waropen Police AKBP. Suhadak, and was accompanied by the Head of Sumda Kompol. Abdul Kadir, Officers and Members of the Waropen Regional Police who carried out qurban.

Kapopres Waropen AKBP. Suhadak said that the 4 qurban cows were the result of qurban from Waropen Police and Bhayangkari Branches in the Muslim Waropen Branch, which were conducted and accommodated at Waropen Regional Police.

"We submit the 4 qurban cows to the Al Ikhlas SP VII Mosque, Al Falah SP IV Mosque, At Taqwa Urfas Mosque and Al Muhajjirin SP V. Mosque." Light of the Waropen Police Chief.

The Chief of Police added that the Sacrifice of Waropen and Bhayangkari Waropen Branch Members was one of the religious services held on Eid al-Adha, for Muslims, as well as a form of concern for the Police and Bhayangkari especially in Waropen Regional Police for the public.

Kapopres Waropen AKBP. Suhadak, also added that with the surrender of sacrificial animals in the 4 mosques, the qurban meat can provide rewards and benefits to the community around the mosque.

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